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1) No Signed Contract -
We are still able to work on a “gentlemen’s agreement” with no signed contract for the Lawn Season – April through November. Our mowing service starts at $40 and up. We only service weekly lawn accounts. Bi-Weekly lawn services are not offered. We don’t offer 1 time mowing’s.

2) Scheduling -
You'll have a regular scheduled day for service, and we will do our best to stay consistent for you. We do not schedule work on weekends – but we understand that inclement weather can make things difficult to stay on schedule – therefore, we may have to work on weekends. We'll do our best to take care of you under all circumstances.

Weather delays can make it very difficult on us. Please know that taking care of you (and staying on schedule) is a priority for us. We will do our very best to get to you on your scheduled day, but sometimes it’s not physically possible in inclement weather, which we cannot control. In the case of weather delays, we will need to do our best to get back on our normal schedule the following week – even if it’s just a few days between cuts. This is necessary to maintain quality and consistent service to our valued clients.

Soaked and waterlogged lawns can also prevent us from mowing your lawn. If your lawn is waterlogged, we might have to skip the yard that week. ***Also please have your lawn sprinklers turned off the day we service your lawn – and at least 12 hours prior to our visit***.

If grass is overgrown due to "over watering and over fertilization", and we have to cut it more than once continually every week, we will charge for extra for time & labor (usually at least 2 times the normal rate). Your grass should not be growing 3-5 inches a week. We'll speak with you beforehand to limit you over watering and fertilization your lawn.

3) Payments -
We will keep your credit card on file and process your payment each week of service. You'll receive a receipt/statement each week we mow. We only service customers as a “pay as you go” set-up. As there is no large bills at the end of the month and prevents delinquent accounts.

4) Confirmation -
Email Us at address listed below – that you read and agree to these Lawn Mowing Service Terms.