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1) Scope of Snow Plowing -
Baypointe Lawn & Snowplowing L.L.C. will plow when approximately 2 of snow has accumulated for contract customers only. This is measured by the contractor at the pavement, not to include drifts. Snow Plow Service specific times of service are not guaranteed or promised.

2) Snow Plowing Rates - (Contract Customers)
We offer 2 options, (#1) Season Contract starts at $600 for a 12 plow Contract or (#2) Plow by Push (by the inch) for Call in Customers after all our all our Contract Customers are serviced. Then we will service call in pay per plow requests (next day service - sometimes same day). Curb to door shovel service is included for all Contract Customers ONLY. Double plow rates are automatic for holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve, New Years day and Easter). Plowing those Holidays will count as 2 plows off your 12 plow contract. Free grass repair and snow plow driveway stake installation is inluded with all season contracts only.

We set a limit on the number of Seasonal Snow Contracts we offer in the winter. Our main goal is to offer priority service to our contracted customers. Were limiting the number of our season contracts now so you can rest assured your snow will be removed in a quick time-frame. Snow plow Contracts consists of 12 Snow Plows. With any snow depth higher than 6"inches counts as 2 plows (a double plow) only.

Snow Plow Rates - (Call in Customers) -
We charge by Plow by Push (by the inch) for all call in customers. Our minimum plow rate is $45 for 2-4 inches of snow. $65 for 4-6 inches of snow. $85 for 6-9 inches of snow. Anything over 9-12 inches will be around $105. Sidewalks are not included. We may charge a little more for call in customers due to length between stops and gas pricing.

3) Salting & Changes in Weather -
De-icing & Salting is an option "we can provide" to each homeowner or business if they request. De-icing Salting Service is an "additional service" (and cost) to each customer. Baypointe Lawn & Snowplowing L.L.C. Snowplowing & shoveling service do not include De-icing Salting service. Baypointe Lawn & Snowplowing L.L.C. will recommend its discretion to each service address if requested to do so.

Customer is aware that winter weather conditions may change quickly and without notice (even after the work is performed). Changes in weather conditions are considered to be an "Act of God" and the contractor assumes no liability as such. By agreeing to our terms of service, you (the client) are agreeing that Baypointe Lawn & Snowplowing LLC is not responsible however for any death, injury (slip and fall), or any vehicular accidents. Baypointe Lawn & Snowplowing LLC is not responsible for damages to pavement (including asphalt, concrete, paving stones, gravel dirt driveways and curbs). As well as trees and shrubs from salt or calcium chloride applications. There are applied at each homeowner or business approval at our discretion.

If the customer needs an additional service (Snowplow or Salting) after our work has been completed because of changing weather, you must call us and let us know and we will service your property again.

4) Turf Repair for Contract Customers Only -
In the event that the contractor damages any turf by snow plowing, the contractor will re-seed or sod the damaged turf in the springtime (April). If we use fresh sod, each homeowner, renter, or business with have to water the sod appropriately.

5) Driveways -
Baypointe Lawn & Snowplowing L.L.C. will not plow/shovel or salt within 5 feet from any parked vehicles, equipment or other obstructions in parking lots, drives or other areas being cleared. Please move obstructions prior to our snow plow service is started and completed. Again Baypointe Lawn & Snowplowing L.L.C. is not liable for damage to pavement or other surfaces contracted for plowing of snow. Damage can occur but we will make every effort to avoid this. Depressed areas in pavement may accumulate snow that may not be able to be removed as well as snow that has been packed down by vehicle or foot traffic, Baypointe Lawn & Snowplowing L.L.C. is not responsible for these accumulations that cannot be removed but will do our best to remove them.

6) Boundary Markers or Flags -

Homeowners are responsible for boundary markers/flags.Season contracts there FREE. Baypointe Lawn & Snowplowing L.L.C. will provide for a nominal charge) $10 to $20 a driveway. Customers must make arrangements with Baypointe Lawn & Snowplowing L.L.C. regarding piling of snow prior to season. Removal of snow piles is not available.

7) Conditions -
Remember, icy or slippery conditions may exist even after work is completed. By agreeing to this terms of service, Your agreeing that Baypointe Lawn & Snowplowing L.L.C. is not responsible however for any death, injury (slip and fall), vehicular accidents, loss or damage of or to persons or property by reason of non-performance of our obligations in our agreement. You also agree to waive any right of subrogation against us by reason of same.

By agreeing to our "Snow Plowing Terms of Service" your agreeing this agreement will continue year after year as long as you continue snow plow services with Baypointe Lawn & Snowplowing LLC. We offer basic snow plowing service, and zero tolerance plowing service as well, with full ice melt application. Shoveling of Neighborhood Sidewalks are always an extra charge and service.

8) Confirmation -
Email Us at address listed below that you read and agree to these Snow Plowing Terms.